Thursday, February 23, 2012

Torpedo Launched

This cute little guy is a Water missile probe, is made by Cal. Exotics, and sells for the low price of $15.99. The battery compartment is also the dial that can be turned for different vibrations. Now this is a probe meaning that it is for anal use, however: this can be used anywhere. True to the name you can use this for anal play, nipple, clitoral and vaginal pleasures. You can do some secret shower play because it is waterproof thanks to the plastic seal keeping water out. This lovely probe has a beautifully tapered head for easy anal insertion. This probe is only compatible with oil and water lubricants.
For those of us who have allergies you'll be glad that this is Hypo-allergenic, latex, and phthalates free. With this being made of plastic you can clean it with rubbing alcohol all over it from top to the dial, antibacterial soap, and wipes which are also sold at Edenfantasys. Places of extreme heat such as the dishwasher is not advised unless you want to toss it afterwards. The toy takes two AAA batteries and they are inserted into the base with both positive sides facing down.
It comes in three color which are a very pretty blue, a lovely shade of pink as well as a beautiful purple. At first when I saw this I thought it was metal, but as I said before it is plastic. At first it was sort of awkward positioning myself in the shower, lubing myself as well as the toy and the awkward insertion. After a couple of minutes both in and out of the shower, it became easier and more enjoyable to use. Now I rarely do anal and vaginal with the same toy but when I do I use a condom over the toy for anal play, and the same is for if I share toys always use condom over them with everyone that the toys are shared with. If I don't want to share I leave them at home which is most of the time. The total length is 5 1/2”, insertable length of 4 1/2", with a circumference of 3".

Some may say that this is no good for either vaginal or anal play but really it is up to the potential buyer. Myself I like the fact that this makes a great opener for larger anal toys especially since I haven't had anal play in a while. I much prefer being stretched easily than having something larger being forcibly shoved up my ass. Now on this probe there is no flared base which would concern most people. The only thing that you do is just hold the dial end of the probe while you are playing either with yourself or with a partner. Again if you go from anal to vaginal or share with multiple partners, or if you switch and use this on each other, you need a condom to save the toy and yourself germ free.
This and other remarkable products can be bought at edenfantasys. Why pay more, when you can just simply cut out the middle man and save some money. Also get an added 15% off your entire order by using my code TEZ. This and other fantastic products can be bought at Edenfantasys.

product picture
Probe by California Exotic
Material: Plastic
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

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