Hefty Intense vibro stroker

This is the Intense vibro stroker which is a realistic vibrator manufactured by Cal Exotics. The Stroker is a rather large, hefty guy and its' insertion is no small feat you need to lube up rather well with either a water or a silicone lubricant. What I'm calling large is its 9 1/2" total length having a 6 1/2" insertable length, and being 5" in circumference. This rather large guy is so realistic almost with a cute little mushroom head without the ball bearings, and the motor of course. It's an escalating, rotating and a multi-speed Vibrator all wrapped into one; the Stroker itself sells for $55.99 which is a good price considering all that it does. It's very powerful, as it should be for making me take out my batteries that went to my cattle prod (yes I have one) because it's ran by 4 C size batteries. You can also buy a 4 pack of batteries from EdednFantasys for $4.99.


This large guy has a suction cup that can be attached to several things: a wall, a door, bed post (if it's a large post), a stool, shower wall or tub side (as you step over). However due to its weight (24 oz) without batteries, it'll fall off of the walls and doors because there's nothing to counter weigh the mass on the Stroker, when it falls, it'll fall hard again due to its weight and you run the possibility of damaging it.

It has two dials one that controls the speed of the vibrations and the other controlls the bearings inside the Stroker. After taking it out of its package I left it in the shipping box for the first 3 days, after taking it out to check it for dust, I saw none which I liked. however once I started to take pictures the dust shows well for the camera. so this needs to be cleaned both before and after use. Also if you're wanting to go anal to vaginal then you need a condom with this as well as needing one for more than one partner.
Intense vibro stroker - Realistic vibrator
It's made of jelly and it needs to be stored in a dark, cool area so it wont be damaged, and it can't be boiled it needs to be cleaned by antibacterial soap. This and other remarkable products can be bought at edenfantasys. Why pay more, when you can just simply cut out the middle man and save some money. Also get an added 15% off your entire order by using my code TEZ.

product picture
Realistic vibrator by California Exotic
Material: Jelly
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

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